Hi, I’m Peter Peter Portland Eater. I’m hungry as hell and I’m eating Portland, ME…all of it. And I’m doing it like a boss.

With well over 300 restaurants in this town of 60,000, I’ll never run out of new places to eat. And for this reason, I get asked quite often “Peter Peter Portland Eater, can you recommend a place for me to eat?” Well the answer, my friends, is “yes”. I can, and I’m going to right here on this very blog.

Whether you live here, come to visit on occasion, or someday dream of coming here, this is the place to find details about the Portland eating experience as seen through my sick, twisted vision of one of the greatest food cities on Earth. I’ll be posting regularly about the places I go to eat, what they do right, what they do wrong, and even how they can improve.

Why Portland? Because Portland and the surrounding areas of ME host some of the finest chefs in some of the finest restaurants on the planet. And there’s something for everyone in every price range available here. While seafood is the specialty of the day every day in this costal northeast city, the local food and drink scene (farms, markets, breweries, etc) give Portland an amazing variety of food you’d sell your first born to try. In fact, there’s so much good food, I’d recommend selling all your kids to avoid any hinderance that might stop you from dining in Portland.

If you have any question about the validity of what I’m saying, simply turn on the Cooking Channel or Food Network or pick up a Food and Wine or Bon Appetit magazine. You’re almost sure to find something about this great small city. My realization of Portland’s greatness came when we met a couple at the bar of a great local restaurant who said “we moved here from New York City for the food”. Hopefully your realization of this comes from reading my blog.

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