Farewell Portland, you’ve been wonderful

When I started food blogging over six years ago, I did so simply as a way to write consistently. As someone who ate a lot around town with my wife, I had a reasonable idea of what the food scene was about and what it had the potential to become. I thought, at the time, that it was certainly one of the best in the country, at least, and that it would provide for regular content to blog about. It turned out I was right and it gave me a great opportunity to hone my skills and do something fun.

Blogging, in many ways, turned out to be much more than I anticipated. I was included in a book about whiskey (The New Single Malt Whiskey), met a who’s who of Portland food and drink, got to eat and drink like a king at various establishments around town, and got previews of what was to come in some of the very best restaurants in the entire state.

To say that I appreciate what I got to experience as a blogger is an understatement. I will not forget the great times I had working on this blog. At least 50% of it was just eating and drinking, so “work” probably isn’t even the right word. I loved all the feedback I got, both good and bad. Some people would tell me they loved the blog. Others made sure I knew they hated me because I said something critical of their favorite restaurant or made a typo. The fact that anyone responded to me at all was what mattered.

Late last year, things got busy and my writing slowed. I figured a little break was in order anyway as I had been one of the more active food bloggers in the area for quite a while. However, the new year brought news that I would be moving away to Burlington, VT. While the food scene there is pretty spectacular too, I have decided that my days of writing about food are over, for now at least. I will simply eat at a restaurant like an average person, with no need to take pictures or notes or remember details.

I plan on leaving the blog active, though I might delete some of the social media promotion for it and will probably revert back to a standard WordPress account, but you’ll always be able to find articles by Googling “Peter Peter Portland Eater (restaurant name)”. I would definitely like to start a new writing project at some point and will be considering my options very carefully. I have some stuff I’ve been working on that I could make an attempt to finish (or get closer to finishing) or I maybe I’ll just start something totally different.

At this point, I’m just focusing on moving to the next stage of my life. Someday, you might read my words again, but for the time being, I’m boarding up the windows and locking the doors. Farewell Portland, you’ve been wonderful.

Stay hungry.

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3 thoughts on “Farewell Portland, you’ve been wonderful

  1. Neil

    Don’t believe I’ve ever commented before but just want to let you know I read most of your articles over the past three years since finding your blog and you’ve been a great resource. Best of luck.


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