Harvest on the Harbor’s Hair of the Dog event made for a bloody good morning

I was lucky to receive complimentary tickets to Harvest on the Harbor’s Saturday morning event entitled “Hair of the Dog”. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the promise of Bloody Mary’s and Roasted Pork Breakfast Tacos sounded enticing enough. When we entered the tents at 100 West Commmercial St., there was alot going on. We were handed two tokens which could be put in boxes to indicate our favorite bloody. At the end of the event, the one with the most tokens was the winner.

The sounds of New Orleans style jazz filled the air in the near corner of the tent. In the middle of the room were long tables of food. The far end along the back side was lined with beverages, mostly bloodys. Upon closer inspection, the food tables were dedicated to tacos. The line started with Pig Kahuna roasted pig and cilantro eggs (jackfruit could be substituted for pork) inside two soft taco shells. From there, the self-serve additions seemed endless. There were cheeses, salsas, jalapeno peppers, scallions, lime, hot sauces, baked beans, fruit salad, and cole slaw.

Once I loaded up a taco with just about every possible item, I walked over to see what was available for drinking. There were half a dozen vodka/tomato options, Shipyard was serving some TeaBrew, and there were some water and Eli’s available. Bloody Mary’s were served by The Porthole, Sea Dog, Miss Portland, Coppersmith Tavern, Ass Over Teakettle, and Flatbread.

I started with a drink from Coppersmith Tavern, followed by one from Sea Dog, and then a smokehouse version from Ass Over Teakettle who offered three different versions with their own mixes. The Coppersmith one was a spicy with the best garnish of meatballs and cheese wrapped in cherry pepper. The Sea Dog Mary was quite run-of-the-mill, though i didn’t dislike it. The Ass Over Teakettle was smokey as intended. All certainly had their merits, but the Coppersmith Tavern garnish set it apart.

Three drinks was enough for a Saturday morning and we had to move on to other doings before the winner was announced. We left happy and full. Hair of the Dog was an excellent event. If you enjoy Bloody Mary’s and roasted pork, be sure to go next year. Between the food, drink, music, and crowd, it was quite a way to get the day started. Hair of the Dog was well run and lots of fun. I can’t wait to check out other events next year.

Stay hungry.

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